Chinese General Vocabulary

Chinese General Vocabulary

CJKI’s Chinese general vocabulary dictionaries cover a wide range of general vocabulary and important proper names and technical terms, support Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and include pinyin and zhuyin readings and other features such as part-of-speech codes and tone sandhi.

These dictionaries are optimized for the convenience of users of electronic dictionaries and aim for the right amount of detail: Enough equivalents to give an in-depth understanding, yet short enough not to clutter up the screen.

Below are links to the individual product pages of CJKI’s resources for Chinese general vocabulary. These pages provide descriptions of each resource, explain how the resources are used and include data samples.



Chinese-English Dictionary

Chinese-English general vocabulary and common proper nouns


Chinese-English Database of Chengyu

Chinese proverbs and idioms with many translation alternatives


English-Chinese Dictionary

English-Chinese general vocabulary and common proper nouns


Chinese Wordlist

General vocabulary, proper nouns and technical terms