Korean NLP Lexicons

Korean NLP Lexicons

Though Korean is a major world language spoken by some 80 million people, lexical resources for natural language processing (NLP) are limited compared to Chinese and Japanese. CJKI is engaged in the development of various Korean dictionaries and lexical databases for NLP.

Our native-Korean editorial team has in-depth linguistic expertise, allowing us to customize our data to meet specific customer needs. These resources are being used in such areas as speech technology, machine translation, information retrieval, and named-entity extraction.

Below are links to the individual product pages of CJKI’s resources for Korean NLP lexicons. These pages provide descriptions of each resource, explain how the resources are used and include data samples.



Korean Lexical Database

Monolingual general vocabulary for NLP applications


Korean Wordlist

General vocabulary, proper nouns and technical terms


Korean Phonetic Database

Phonetic and phonemic transcriptions for core Korean vocabulary