Consulting services

For decades, CJKI has been engaged in the development and ongoing expansion of large-scale dictionary databases, and has become one of the world’s primary providers of CJK lexical resources. CJKI also offers a full range of professional consulting services related to CJK and Arabic linguistics and data processing, as well as database customization. Examples of some of the services we have provided include:

  • a European IT company commissioned us to fine-tune their name-matching algorithms to Arabic
  • we assisted a US start-up in building a comprehensive full-form Spanish-English lexicon for MT
  • we helped one of world’s leading IT companies to enhance their Japanese and Spanish AI systems
  • we customized a comprehensive pinyin database to enhance the speech technology for a major global search engine company

We look forward to providing you with a solution fine-tuned to your specific requirements.

Relevant linguistic and technical documents are collected here.