Chinese-English Personal Names

Chinese-English Personal Names

Covers over two million entries

Chinese and non-Chinese names

Attributes such as name type and pinyin


CJKI’s Chinese-English Database of Personal Names (CEN) is the world’s largest Chinese-English database of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western personal names (consisting of surnames and given names), covering two million entries.

CEN includes various data fields such as readings in pinyin, zhuyin, English equivalents, frequency rankings, semantic classification codes, locale codes, and other useful information such as frequency statistics.

Chinese-English Personal Names

CF万可wàn kě萬可Wanke
CG万台wàn tái萬臺Wantai
JF万叶wàn yè萬葉Maha
CG万司wàn sī萬司Wansi
JM万司wàn sī萬司Manji
CM万合wàn hé萬合Wanhe
CM万吉wàn jí萬吉Wanji
KG万吉wàn jí萬吉Mangil
JM万吉wàn jí萬吉Mankichi
CM万同wàn tóng萬同Wantong
CM万名wàn míng萬名Wanming
CM万后wàn hòu萬後Wanhou
CF万君wàn jūn萬君Wanjun
CF万吟wàn yín萬吟Wanyin
CF万含wàn hán萬含Wanhan
CG万听wàn tīng萬聽Wanting
CM万启wàn qǐ萬啟Wanqi
CM万吾wàn wú萬吾Wanwu
CM万呈wàn chéng萬呈Wancheng

Practical Applications

CEN can be used in a variety of applications such as:

Machine translation

Electronic dictionaries

Morphological analysis

Information retrieval

Input method editors

Named-entity recognition

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