Japanese-Multilingual Place Names and POIs

Japanese-Multilingual Place Names and POIs

Over 3.1 million entries

Covers 14 languages

Place names and POIs


CJKI’s Japanese-Multilingual Place Names and Points-of-Interest (POIs) Database provides comprehensive coverage of Japanese place names, as well as points-of-interest and facilities in Japan. Points-of-interest, or “POIs”, are the kind of entities that appear in maps and tourist guides, and are needed for detailed maps of Japan. This is an ambitious, large-scale resource of Japanese place names and POIs in CJK, European, and other Asian languages like Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. JMP is extremely useful for machine translation and neural machine translation applications, which frequently fail to translate Japanese proper nouns in general, and Japanese POIs in particular.

Currently JMP, which is being constantly proofread and updated, covers over 3.1 million entries in the following 14 languages (Japanese plus 13 languages): Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean.

The database covers the following types of Japanese POIs:

・Government offices

・Educational Institutions

・Public facilities



・Airports and harbors

・Commercial facilities

・Amusement facilities

・Place names (towns and cities)

・Town sections

Japanese-Multilingual Place Names and POIs
成田国際空港成田国际机场成田國際機場나리타국제공항Narita International Airportمطار ناريتا الدولي
那覇空港那霸机场那霸機場나하공항Naha Airportمطار ناها
東京駅东京站東京站도쿄역Tokyo Stationمحطة طوكيو
京都府庁京都府厅京都府廳교토부청Kyoto Prefectural Officeمكتب محافظة كيوطو
大阪市大阪市大阪市오사카시Osaka Cityمدينة أوساكا
Asian languages
成田国際空港Bandar Udara Internasional NaritaSân bay quốc tế Naritaท่าอากาศยานนานาชาตินะริตะनारिता अंतर्राष्‍ट्रीय हवाई अड्डाМеждународный аэропорт Нарита
那覇空港Bandar Udara NahaSân bay Naha ท่าอากาศยานนะฮะनाहा हवाई अड्डाаэропорт Наха
東京駅Stasiun TokyoGa Tokyoสถานีโตเกียวटोक्यो स्टेशनстанция Токио
京都府庁Kantor Pemerintahan KyotoTòa nhà chính quyền tỉnh Kyotoที่ว่าการนครเกียวโตक्योतो प्रीफ़ेक्चर मुख्यालयадминистрация префектуры Киото
大阪市Kota OsakaThành phố Osakaอำเภอโอซากาओसाका सिटीгород Осака
European languages
成田国際空港Internationaler Flughafen NaritaAeroporto Internacional de NaritaAeropuerto Internacional de NaritaAéroport international de NaritaAeroporto Internazionale di Narita
那覇空港Flughafen NahaAeroporto de NahaAeropuerto de NahaAéroport de NahaAeroporto di Naha
東京駅Bahnhof TokioEstação de TóquioEstación de TokioGare de TokyoStazione di Tokyo
京都府庁Präfekturverwaltung KyotoSede do Governo de QuiotoOficina Prefectural de KyotoPréfecture de KyotoSede del Governo prefettizio di Kyoto
大阪市Stadt OsakaCidade de OsakaCiudad de OsakaVille d'OsakaCittà di Osaka

Practical Applications

JMP is used by some of the world’s major IT companies in a wide variety of applications, such as:

Machine translation

Information retrieval

Morphological analysis

Named-entity recognition

Input method editors

Geographical data for maps

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