Arabic Proper Nouns

Arabic Proper Nouns

The CJK Dictionary Institute has been engaged in the development of comprehensive Arabic lexical databases, with a special focus on proper nouns. These resources are designed for machine translation and various natural language processing applications such as named entity recognition (NER) and anti-money laundering (AML).

CJKI’s Arabic proper noun databases provide Arab and non-Arab place names, very comprehensive coverage of personal names, and their orthographic variants, as well as common spelling mistakes.

Below are links to the individual product pages of CJKI’s resources for Arabic proper nouns. These pages provide descriptions of each resource, explain how the resources are used and include data samples.



Database of Arabic Names

Arabic personal names and their romanized variants


Arabic Place Names

Arab and Western place names and their variants


Expanded OFAC

Variants of Arab names in OFAC’s SDN list


Arab Names in Arabic

Arab personal names and their Arabic script variants


Foreign Names in Arabic

Non-Arab names in Arabic and their variants