Yue Phonetic Database

Covers over 300,000 Cantonese entries

Includes standard Jyutping romanization

All major romanization systems can be provided


CJKI’s Yue Phonetic Database (YPD) provides Cantonese readings for 300,000 compound words and approximately 80,000 readings and romanized variants for about 13,000 single Traditional Chinese characters.

YPD features phonemic transcriptions given in the standard Jyutping romanization, also available in up to ten Cantonese romanization systems (IPA accurate transcriptions also possible). The readings are ordered by frequency and/or importance, while flags distinguish common readings from rare ones.

Yue Phonetic Database

Slung4, lung2
Spong4, lung4
Sjim2, jin2
Sgwai1, gwan1, gau1, kau1
Shok3, fo3
G一代人jat1 doi6 jan4
G一代名儒jat1 doi6 ming4 jyu4
G一代宗匠jat1 doi6 zung1 zoeng6
G一代宗臣jat1 doi6 zung1 san4
G一代巨擘jat1 doi6 geoi6 maak3
G一代楷模jat1 doi6 kaai2 mou4
G一代風流jat1 doi6 fung1 lau4
G一代鼎臣jat1 doi6 ding2 san4
G一令jat1 ling6
G一以當十jat1 ji5 dong1 sap6
G一以貫之jat1 ji5 gun3 zi1
G一件jat1 gin6
G一任jat1 jam6
G一份jat1 fan6
P一伍jat1 ng5, jat1 m5
G一伙jat1 fo2
G一似jat1 ci5
G一位數jat1 wai6 sou2
G一位論派jat1 wai6 leon6 paai3
G一併jat1 ping3
G一來jat1 loi4
G一來一往jat1 loi4 jat1 wong5
G一來二去jat1 loi4 ji6 heoi3
G一例jat1 lai6
G一依舊式jat1 ji1 gau6 sik1
P一信jat1 seon3
G一個jat1 go3
G一個不小心jat1 go3 bat1 siu2 sam1
T一加一地址jat1 gaa1 jat1 dei6 zi2
G一勇之夫jat1 jung5 zi1 fu1
G一動不動jat1 dung6 bat1 dung6
G一動不如一靜jat1 dung6 bat1 jyu4 jat1 zing6
G一勞久逸jat1 lou4 gau2 jat6
G一勞永逸jat1 lou4 wing5 jat6
G一勺燴jat1 zoek3 wui6
G一包堆jat1 baau1 deoi1
G一匙jat1 ci4
G一匡天下jat1 hong1 tin1 haa6
P一匯jat1 wui6
G一匹錦jat1 pat1 gam2
G一千jat1 cin1
G一千零一夜jat1 cin1 ling4 jat1 je6
G一半jat1 bun3
G一半天jat1 bun3 tin1
P一博jat1 bok3
G一去不回jat1 heoi3 bat1 wui4
G一去不復返jat1 heoi3 bat1 fuk6 faan2
G一去不返jat1 heoi3 bat1 faan2
G一叉jat1 caa1
G一反常態jat1 faan2 soeng4 taai3
G一口jat1 hau2
G一口中jat1 hau2 zung1
G一口京片子jat1 hau2 ging1 pin3 zi2
G一口兩匙jat1 hau2 loeng5 ci4
G一口吃個胖子jat1 hau2 hek3 go3 bun6 zi2
G一口咬定jat1 hau2 ngaau5 ding6
G一口咬死jat1 hau2 ngaau5 sei2
G一口氣jat1 hau2 hei3
G一口鐘jat1 hau2 zung1
G一口飯jat1 hau2 faan6
G一古腦jat1 gu2 nou5
G一句話jat1 geoi3 waa6
P一司jat1 si1
P一吉jat1 gat1
G一同jat1 tung4
G一名jat1 ming4
G一名半職jat1 ming4 bun3 zik1
G一吐為快jat1 tou3 wai4 faai3
G一向jat1 hoeng3
P一君jat1 gwan1
P一吟jat1 jam4
G一吹一唱jat1 ceoi1 jat1 coeng3
P一周jat1 zau1
G一味jat1 mei6
G一味子jat1 mei6 zi2
G一味禪jat1 mei6 sim4
G一呼再諾jat1 fu1 zoi3 nok6
G一呼百應jat1 fu1 baak3 jing3
G一呼百諾jat1 fu1 baak3 nok6
G一命jat1 ming6
G一命嗚呼jat1 ming6 wu1 fu1
G一命歸西jat1 ming6 gwai1 sai1
G一命歸陰jat1 ming6 gwai1 jam1
G一和jat1 wo4
GP一品jat1 ban2
G一品紅jat1 ban2 hung4
G一品鍋jat1 ban2 wo1
G一哄而上jat1 hung3 ji4 soeng6
G一哄而散jat1 hung3 ji4 saan3
G一哄而起jat1 hung3 ji4 hei2
G一哄而集jat1 hung3 ji4 zaap6
P一哲jat1 zit3
G一唱一和jat1 coeng3 jat1 wo6
G一唱三歎jat1 coeng3 saam1 taan3
G一唱百和jat1 coeng3 baak3 wo6
G一問一答jat1 man6 jat1 daap3
G一問三不知jat1 man6 saam1 bat1 zi1
P一善jat1 sin6
P一喜jat1 hei2
G一喫一添jat1 jaak3 jat1 tim1
G一嘟嚕jat1 dou1 lou1
P一嘯jat1 siu3
G一回jat1 wui4
G一回事jat1 wui4 si6
G一回生二回熟jat1 wui4 sang1 ji6 wui4 suk6
G一回生兩回熟jat1 wui4 sang1 loeng5 wui4 suk6
G一國三公jat1 gwok3 saam1 gung1
G一國兩制jat1 gwok3 loeng5 zai3
G一團jat1 tyun4
G一團亂麻jat1 tyun4 lyun6 maa4
G一團和氣jat1 tyun4 wo4 hei3
G一團漆黑jat1 tyun4 cat1 hak1
G一團火jat1 tyun4 fo2
G一團糟jat1 tyun4 zou1
G一圪堵jat1 gat6 dou2
P一圭jat1 gwai1
G一地jat1 dei6
T一地址jat1 dei6 zi2
G一地胡拿jat1 dei6 wu4 naa4
G一地裡jat1 dei6 leoi5
P一均jat1 kwan1
G一坨jat1 to4
G一垛jat1 do2
P一堂jat1 tong4
G一堆jat1 deoi1
G一報還一報jat1 bou3 waan4 jat1 bou3
G一場春夢jat1 coeng4 ceon1 mung6
G一場空jat1 coeng4 hung1
G一塊jat1 faai3
G一塊地jat1 faai3 dei6
G一塊石頭落地jat1 faai3 sek6 tau4 lok6 dei6
G一塊肉jat1 faai3 juk6
G一塌刮子jat1 taap3 gwaat3 zi2
G一塌糊塗jat1 taap3 wu4 tou4
G一塌糊涂jat1 taap3 wu4 tou4
G一塵jat1 can4
G一塵不染jat1 can4 bat1 jim5
G一壁jat1 bik1
G一壁廂jat1 bik1 soeng1
G一壘jat1 leoi5
G一壘安打jat1 leoi5 on1 daa2
G一壘手jat1 leoi5 sau2
P一士jat1 si6
G一壺jat1 wu4
G一壺千金jat1 wu4 cin1 gam1
G一壺醋錢jat1 wu4 cou3 cin4
P一壽jat1 sau6
G一夔已足jat1 kwai4 ji5 zuk1
G一夕數驚jat1 zik6 sou3 ging1
P一多jat1 do1
G一夜無夢jat1 je6 mou4 mung6
G一夜無眠jat1 je6 mou4 min4
G一夥jat1 fo2
G一夥子持臥單jat1 fo2 zi2 ci4 ngo6 daan1
G一大三大jat1 daai6 saam1 daai6
G一大二小jat1 daai6 ji6 siu2
G一大半jat1 daai6 bun3
G一大堆jat1 daai6 deoi1
G一大夥子jat1 daai6 fo2 zi2
G一大天jat1 daai6 tin1
G一大批jat1 daai6 pai1
G一大早jat1 daai6 zou2
G一大晌jat1 daai6 hoeng2
G一大溜jat1 daai6 lau6
G一大片jat1 daai6 pin3
G一大筆錢jat1 daai6 bat1 cin2
G一大群jat1 daai6 kwan4
G一大群人jat1 daai6 kwan4 jan4
G一大趟jat1 daai6 tong3
G一大郎當jat1 daai6 long4 dong1
G一天jat1 tin1
G一天一個現在jat1 tin1 jat1 go3 jin6 zoi6
G一天價jat1 tin1 gaa3
G一天兩次jat1 tin1 loeng5 ci3
G一天到晚jat1 tin1 dou3 maan5
G一天天jat1 tin1 tin1
G一天星斗jat1 tin1 sing1 dau2
G一天火jat1 tin1 fo2
T一套鉛字jat1 tou3 jyun4 zi6
G一奶同胞jat1 naai5 tung4 baau1
G一好百好jat1 hou2 baak3 hou2
GP一如jat1 jyu4
G一如往常jat1 jyu4 wong5 soeng4
G一如既往jat1 jyu4 gei3 wong5
G一妻制jat1 cai1 zai3
G一妻多夫制jat1 cai1 do1 fu1 zai3
G一子繼承制jat1 zi2 gai3 sing4 zai3

Practical Applications

YPD is ideal for applications such as:

Natural language processing applications

Such as speech recognition and speech synthesis

Machine translation

For use in input method editors, TTS for car navigation systems and speech-to-speech systems

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