Arabic Plurals

Arabic Plurals

Includes both regular and irregular plurals

Shows multiple plurals ordered by frequency

Indicates sense for sense-dependent plural forms


The CJKI Database of Arabic Plurals (DAP), the first truly modern, fully up-to-date database covering both regular and irregular Arabic plurals. DAP includes various grammatical attributes such as part-of-speech, collectivity codes, gender codes, and full vocalization.

This database is now available for use in software development, machine translation, and Arabic language education. For language learners and language processing software alike, the irregular, or broken, plurals present one of the greatest challenges in learning and processing.

In fact, the majority of noun plurals in Arabic are actually irregular or “broken plurals”. These morphologically irregular plurals are distinct in that they are not formed with regular plural suffixes. Instead, they are formed by modifying the vowels of the vowel-consonant pattern (CV templates) of the singular form. DAP covers over 3000 entries.

DAP has been assembled by a team of specialists in Arabic grammar through meticulous attention and research over a period of many years. This ensures accuracy and avoids the errors found in other works. In an era in which accurate processing of Arabic text is critical, this database represents a major step forward for natural language processing, machine translation, lexicography, and pedagogy.

Arabic Plurals
Sing.Sing.Pl.1 (BW)Pl.1Pl.2 (BW)Pl.2Pl.3 (BW)Pl.3
Eayob عَيْب EuyuwbNعُيُوبٌ
gariyozap غَرِيْزَة garaA}izuغَرَائِزُ
garas غَرَس giraAsNغِرَاسٌ>agoraAsNأَغْرَاسٌ
garaD غَرَض >agoraADNأَغْرَاضٌ
gurofap غُرْفَة gurafNغُرَفٌ
gazaAl غَزَال guzolaAnNغُزْلَانٌ
guSon غُصْن >agoSaAnNأَغْصَانٌguSuwnNغُصُونٌ
gilaAf غِلَاف gulofNغُلْفٌgulufNغُلُفٌgul~afNغُلَّفٌ
gala~p غَلَّة gilaAlNغِلَالٌgal~aAtNغَلَّاتٌ
gulaAm غُلَام gilomaAnNغِلْمَانٌgilomapNغِلْمَةٌ
gamar غَمَر >agomaArNأَغْمَارٌgimaArNغِمَارٌgumuwrNغُمُورٌ
gunom غُنْم >agonaAmNأَغْنَامٌ
>ugoniyap أُغْنِيَة >agaAnKأَغَانٍAalo>agaAniyاَلْأَغَانِي
gaAbap غَابَة gaAbaAtNغَابَاتٌ
gayor غَيْر >agoyaArNأَغْيَارٌ
fataY فَتَى fitoyaAnNفِتْيَانٌfitoyapNفِتْيَةٌfutowapNفُتْوَةٌ
faHom فَحْم fuHuwmNفُحُومٌfuHuwmaAtNفُحُومَاتٌfiHaAmNفِحَامٌ
fara~j فَرَّج furuwojNفُرُوْجٌ
farox فَرْخ firaAxNفِرَاخٌ>aforaAxNأَفْرَاخٌ>aforuxNأَفْرُخٌ
farod فَرْد >aforaAdNأَفْرَادٌ
faAris فَارِس furosaAnNفُرْسَانٌfawaArisNفَوَارِسٌ
fariyoq فَرِيْق >aforiqaA'Nأَفْرِقَاءٌ>aforiqapNأَفْرِقَةٌfuruwqNفُرُوقٌ
furon فُرْن >aforaAnNأَفْرَانٌ
farow فَرْو firaA'Nفِرَاءٌ
fa$il فَشِل fu$olNفُشْلٌ>afo$aAlNأَفْشَالٌ
faDiyoHap فَضِيْحَة faDaA}iHuفَضَائِحُ
fiDa~p فِضَّة
qanaAp قَنَاة qanawaAtNقَنَوَاتٌqinanNقِنَنٌqinaAnNقِنَانٌ
quwot قُوْت >aqowaAtNأَقْوَاتٌ
qaA}id قَائِد qaAdapNقَادَةٌ
qaAra~p قَارَّة qaAr~aAtNقَارَّاتٌ
qawos قَوْس >aqowaAsNأَقْوَاسٌ
qaAEap قَاعَة qaAEaAtNقَاعَاتٌ
qawol قَوْل >aqowaAlNأَقْوَالٌ
qayi~map قَيِّمَة quy~amNقُيَّمٌquw~aAmNقُوَّامٌ
Sing.: Singular
Pl.: Plural
BW: Transliteration using the Buckwalter system

Practical Applications

DAP can be used for normalization (identifying the singular) for:

Information retrieval

Morphological analysis

Language education

Aid to learners since plurals are very difficult

Query processing

Machine translation

Improve accuracy by identifying plural forms

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