4. Azia Kongreso

4. Azia Kongreso

One of the main reasons for my trip was to participate in the #La 9-a Azia-Oceania Kongreso de Esperanto,# the 9th Asia-Oceania Esperanto Conference held in the beautiful city of Danang from April 25 to April 28. I’ll just call it “AK” below. This Youtube video shows some of the highlights of AK.

I’ve been an enthusiastic Esperantist for many years. I love the logical structure of the language, the superb word-formation mechanism, the ease of learning, the enthusiasm and friendliness of Esperanto speakers, and the many cultural and social events that take place at Esperanto conferences.

Plenty of cultural events.
Welcome banner in Vietnamese and Esperanto.
Group picture of some participants.
On my unicycle at AK

As you can see, there were parties, dancing, the wonderful experience of eating out on the sidewalks, and of course as usual I had my unicycle with me, which I take with me almost anywhere I go in the world. .

The main part of the conference consisted of lectures and presentations. On April 28, the last day, I delivered a presentation entitled “The Key to Mastering some East Asian Languages.” My Powerpoint presentation will give you an idea of what I talked about, including various methods I used to learn the 11 languages I speak (I’ve studied another seven).

Eating out with Chinese Esperantists
Closing ceremony

I met so many interesting people at the conference! For me one of the highlights was Ajua Serge Rusaki from — surprise! — the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was very active and led some events like the goodbye party. Extremely intelligent and charming, Serge is a talented young man, a good dancer, and a true master of Esperanto.

The second was the Polish philosopher/historian Dr. Maciej St. Zieba, a prolific author who speaks even more languages than me 🙂 (14 to 11). Clearly a genius, he is a professor in a Chinese university teaching languages like Esperanto and Sanskrit, Indian/Chinese philosophy, and more. His lecture on philosophy and our discussions were fascinating, ranging from learning Vietnamese to the existence of God and everything in-between! One day, on the beautiful beaches of Danang, I screwed up my courage and we both went parasailing together –scary, but what a thrill!

Ajua Serge Rusaki with Tran Thi Hoan, one of the chief organizers. Listen to how funny they are!
Dr. Maciej Zieba, the language genius
Serge Rusaki from the Congo and Kim Nomata Hiongun from Korea in sidewalk cafe in Danang