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CJKI develops and maintains comprehensive lexical databases of over 50 million entries for general vocabulary, proper nouns, and technical terms in Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK) and Arabic. We also offer professional consulting services on CJK and Arabic linguistics and lexicography. In addition, our language learning division specializes in multilingual dictionaries and language learning apps, especially for kanji.

Welcome to the CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc.

The CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc. (CJKI) specializes in the development and continuous expansion of comprehensive lexical databases for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) languages, as well as Arabic, Spanish, and others. Our databases include detailed grammatical, phonological and semantic attributes for general vocabulary, proper nouns, and technical terms.

CJKI has become one of the world’s prime resources for CJK lexical resources, and is contributing to CJK and Arabic information processing technology by providing high-quality lexical resources and professional consulting services to some of the world’s leading software developers and IT companies.