Jack Halpern


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Challenging Position for a Good Programmer

The CJK Dictionary Institute, which specializes in the development of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic dictionary databases, has an opening for a competent programmer or software engineer interested in a challenging, responsible position.


  • Competent programmer, preferably with experience in text manipulation and/or database management.
  • Native Japanese, or non-Japanese with good working knowledge of Japanese (need not be fluent).
  • Good knowledge of Windows, including system administration if possible. Knowledge of Linux desirable.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and your résumé (CV) in .doc (no .docx files, please) or .pdf format to cjkicjki@cjk.org.

About The CJK Dictionary Institute

The CJK Dictionary Institute consists of a small group of researchers that specialize in CJK lexicography. The institute is headed by Jack Halpern, editor-in-chief of the New Japanese-English Character Dictionary, and various other CJK dictionaries, which has become a standard reference work for studying Japanese.

The principal activity of CJKI is the development and continuous expansion of a comprehensive database (DESK) that covers every aspect of how Chinese characters are used in CJK languages, including Cantonese. In addition, we offer a full range of professional consulting services on Chinese and Japanese linguistics and lexicography.

Why should you become a programmer at CJKI?

  • You will be working on R&D projects commissioned by the world's leading corporations. Many of the products that you will develop will be integrated into major consumer products (e.g. electronic dictionaries) and leading information systems (e.g. search engines and machine translation systems). You will acquire a rich professional experience and a tremendous amount of technical knowledge.

  • Dictionary compilation is a complex subject in its own rights. Computational lexicography is even more challenging. You often will encounter difficult yet intensely interesting programming problems. The work will require a analytical and creative mind. If you love working on tough problems and solving them in innovative ways, this job is ideal for you.

  • The work is not just about software development and database management per se. You will be collaborating with and possibly managing staff from other departments. You will acquire strong interpersonal and communication skills. You will also have the opportunity to develop yourself into a project manager.

  • You will work in an international environment. You will work with people from different countries, which will be an interesting cultural experience. Furthermore, as some of our staff are multilingual, you will have plenty of opportunities to improve your foreign language skills.